Teufel Massive – still the best for under 100 bucks?

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Hey again! Today I wanna talk about the Teufel Massive, simply because they deserve it. Those headphones are in my view still the best choice for home listening.
Why this is and what they offer, now in the following paragraphs, so let’s get right into it.

Content about gear is often geared towards showcasing what’s new and what’s best. I don’t wanna do that. Instead I want to get really practical today and present to you what I find are the best headphones for the home listener. Therefore please don’t expect a full blown review. Rather see this as a recommendation.

So again, if you are looking for a pair of headphones with lots of features that you can take with you wherever you go, this is not for you. But we’ll get into that later on.

teufel massive beauty shot
This sharp looking object is subject of the blog today


The Teufel Massive are a pair of Hifi over-ear headphones introduced by Berlin based Teufel in early 2015, so over 4 years ago!
To get it off the table quickly, I will now briefly talk about the general stats of these bad boys.

The Massive weigh in at about 310 grams and serve a frequency spectrum from 20Hz to 22kHz. These closed over-ear headphones shout at 98db maximum and come with a leather transport bag as well as two 3.5mm cables (1.3m, 3m).

teufel massive cable
3m cable

Sound – it’s Teufel Massive!

The sound of the Massive itself is fat. Or more like PHAT. Really, the bass is extremely thick but still right to the point. No blurry low-end whatsoever. When it comes to the high-end there is of course room for improvement whilst I must say that for electronic music this is not so important as the highs are there, just not as prominent and detailed. This would be of more importance for e.g. orchestral music or rock.

To be fair the sound of the Massive seems to be made for modern, mainly electronic styles of music as with those the high-end is very clear and defined and the focus is shifted more towards the bass department.

My personal experiences have been (and still are!) just great. I love to sit back and pump the music for some time, you really get to feel the music and hear all the details.

Please note that these headphones ARE NOT suitable for music production, they’re Hifi headphones meant for listening. And boy, they do great at that.


Even when wearing them for a long time, you don’t start to sweat in these headphones. At least I don’t. They’re very warm and comfortable with no annoying points of itch so to say. As it says in the name: they are Massive. The weight is not too much but when wearing them, they are pretty wide-reaching to the sides of your head. Besides looking a bit strange this might as well be a bit unpractical when wearing them out in the streets.

Anyways, I want to present these headphones from a home-listeners point of view so let’s not be bothered by that.


The actual quality of the material is excellent. Even the plastic parts feel really solid and valuable but most of the products material is lightweight metal such as aluminium. After 4 years of active use, the leather around the headband has not worn off a bit! Just the leather around the earpieces is slowly starting to crumble.

In case something breaks you have 2 years of warranty. For speaker boxes and other kinds of chassis Teufel even offers 12 years (!!!) of warranty.

What features come with the Teufel Massive?

Actually there is not much to talk about here. You’ve got virtually no features besides phenomenal sound. What really is a plus is that you can easily swith between the two cables included in the box in case you need a different length for you cable. Apart from that.. no noise cancelling, no wireless use, no control buttons, no switches, no lights, just pure enjoyment. This actually is what makes these headphones so awesome. Why exactly? See next section.

teufel massive jack
The jack enables you to screw your cables in. The cable wont fall out this way.


The Teufel Massive were introduced with a retail price of around 100 bucks. As of right now (12/2019) they retail at about 80. I think this is only possible because these headphones offer no flashy extras which would inevitably increase the price by a lot. Instead for less than 100 bucks (!) you get such amazing quality with a killer sound I have NEVER experienced again in the price range of up to 150 dollars.

Summary – would I recommend the Teufel Massive?

Dumb question, myself. Of course! The Teufel Massive are top-class, premium quality. And all that for less than 100 bucks. This product is perfect for those who, when being outside, prefer to use in-ear headphones due to portability and practicality reasons and would just use the Massive at home. There you really don’t need any extras. This makes the Massive basically caress your wallet.

So finally there we are.. I really just needed to get this off my chest. Have you ever had any experiences with Teufel equipment yourself? Or do you have a different opinion about these headphones? Let me know in the comments! With that said I wish you a merry christmas and until next week, here at the NIHIL blog.

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  1. Rubi Rose
    | Reply

    Thank you for this blog. I personally appreciate it tons! I’m learning a lot of things
    I’ve been wondering about, as I’m only just over a year or so into making music using a DAW.
    Would you be willing to do a post on your suggestions for earphones while making music, volume level, sound checks, what to listen for during sound checks all while creating a track?

    Take care!

    • Lars Grages
      | Reply

      Thanks for the comment! I’m far from advanced on this topic but I can try my best and compile my most valuable experiences as an amateur! There might still be some useful things for you 🙂

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