Musicians don’t dare enough!

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Hey again! Just a quick and more or less effortless entry today, I just want to rant about something I’ve thought about a couple of times now and I think it’s a topic you could really discuss a lot about. Let me drop my statement right now: Musicians don’t dare enough.


Before I start my rant, I advise you to listen to this collab which has just been uploaded today. It’s a super badass bass track and I’m really proud of both Griff’s and my work.

So back to topic. I think that musicians don’t dare enough. What do I mean by this? I kinda miss creativity. Creativity in terms of arrangement, sound design, mixture of styles and so on. Of course there are always artists doing their own, very unique thing but in my opinion in relation to the sheer amount of music there is, all made by underground artists, there should be more innovation! Music functions in a certain way, I get that. There’s a reason why there are styles and why distinct characteristics of music are generally more liked than others.

Still, you wouldn’t even have to break many of the rules, you’d just have to play around with them a bit more. For example make a cross genre track with a different time signature or do more tempo changes throughout a track. That’s an example some producers are already trying from time to time. Most fail though because they try to incorporate the same arrangements and stylistic features to that different arrangement while they’d have to adapt to the new setting and think outside the box once more . You could also just make your usual track but use new sounds that you’d normally hear in other styles.

Easier said than done but still.

I’m not talking about these edgy ideas like making the weirdest halftime Avant-garde Reggae Dubstep improvisation if you know what I mean. I just think subtle goes a long way.

So musicians don’t dare enough. But why?

I can only guess but probably it’s because we really don’t dare to dare. We don’t dare to even think about daring to try out something unfamiliar, something unusual which would probably not be as successful as your ordinary piece of music. We tend to forget that what we’re doing as artists still is art. Art is most importantly meant to be a creative and emotional outlet for everyone. Is everyone doing the mainstream thing, following the common ideas of music production a bad person now? No, of course not. Saying that would be nonsense. What I’m trying to say is that we’re missing out on so much creative potential. Imagine if every single one of use actively tried to create something outstandingly unique personal! Not everything would be totally appealing but there would be so much new and interesting material to enjoy. All from the real underground. Instead we tend to follow a thousand people on Twitter not even worrying for a second about maybe missing out on their new releases.

I also don’t think that this only is a problem of our time. There have always been pioneers and copycats. Our self-imposed pressure of having to be successful with our ART just seems to be in the way most of the time.

Thanks for reading so far!

So yeah if I was a bit more optimistic right now I’d try to start a challenge where you all had to make something completely different from what you do normally and send it my way or even upload it for us to see how much creative potential we miss out on.

But still, thanks for surviving all the way down to this point of the blog! I hope I didn’t upset you too much by saying that musicians don’t dare enough. Make sure to check out the collab I mentioned in the beginning and browse through all the other blog episodes on here! Until next time.

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