Status Update: What have I been up to? (Heart Trip Vol.2 Announcement!)

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Hey, whats up!

I thought this week I might just tell you a bit about the things I’ve been doing these days cause I did LOADS of stuff. For example there will be quite a big announcement about a project some might have heard about already: Heart Trip Vol.2!

But before we get to that I’ll show you some other things I’ve been working on.

Slow Down remix competition

One thing you can find on my main page is my remix of an incredible original song called ‘Slow Down’ but fellow underground artists CuBox & NDMZ.
They hosted a remix competition and I accepted the challenge. It was quite the time consuming project cause I went for a style I rarely do which is some festival like EDM shit. I changed a lot in comparison to the original and the only sound you really notice from the original is the vocal track. The remix turned out to be pretty long with more than six minutes of runtime. There are four main sections. First after the intro there’s a Trap kinda drop with epic reverbed synth action. It’s followed by a break and a four-on-the-floor drop. Double this structure and you get a six minute remix.

Here’s the remix and the full remix competition. I really recommend you listen to the other remixes too cause all the remixers had so many different and unique ideas to make something new out of the original song ‘Slow Down’.

You’ve probably noticed that I put some Autotune like effect on the vocal track. This was the first time for me trying something like this but it was really fun to be honest.

Nihil on the radio!

Last week I was featured with my track ‘Menace’ once more on Scarecrow Radio Episode 4. It’s an incredible radio show by Scarecrow who manages to connect many talented artists with his project. It features a lot of Dubstep but many other styles as well!

More remix action

Another extremely talented underground artist called J_dos gave me the opportunity to remix two of his tracks as well.

The first remix I made is a rather experimental one that took the J_dos Techno vibe and abstracted it a little bit. Listen to it here:

The second isn’t out yet sadly but I’d say it’s my first successful attempt at Hardcore music. I posted a snippet of it on my Instagram story though so you can get a little taste of what that is gonna be.

It’s crazy how complicated and detailed you can get just for the kick sound design if you’re working on Hardcore music. It sounds just distorted and heavily edited in general but paying attention to the details is key here for sure.

First big thing in 2020 – Heart Trip Vol.2!

Yes you heard it right. Heart Trip Vol. 2 is in the works! After Heart Trip last year I felt the urge to get down some summer vibes again and this time it’ll be even bigger. Cause the good vibes Trap, RnB and Reggae isn’t my usual style this album is gonna consist of many different experiments. But with the help of more outstanding vocalists this is gonna be an exciting project. At least for me I guess.

It will tell some stories but it’ll also include some instrumental tracks I just wanted to drown in sunshine. It’s inspired by beauty, warmth, dreams and content.

For work in progress material and frequent updates I recommend you head over to my Instagram cause that’s where most of that magic happens. But of course I’ll show you some snippet right now too.

This tropical little thing is gonna be the opener for the Heart Trip Vol.2

But there also be some more thoughtful vibes:

I hope you are as excited as I am for Heart Trip Vol.2! If so, stick around for more updates. If everything goes as planned the album is gonna come out in June! Thank you for reading and until next time.

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