Official releases and features in chronological order


1/2021 (Self-Released)

Abstract dark ambient album consisting of 8 tracks. Mostly recycled from old projects.

Green EP

12/2020 (Self-Released)

3-track EP revisiting the original Heart Trip style.

Heart Trip Vol.2

7/2020 (Self-Released)

Successor to Heart Trip EP. 12 track album featuring multiple artists.

NDMZ & CuBox – Slow Down (Nihil Remix)

5/2020 (Hydra Music Records)

‘ We are really happy to welcome Nihil to the label as he releases his remix of Slow Down and tries to experiment and unleashes a incredible yet different style remix of the single from NDMZ & CuBox. ‘

GR I FF & Nihil – Supernova

3/2020 (self-released)

Experimental bass feature with deep subs and glitchy samples and synths.

Chrono//Phantasm (Nihil Remix)

3/2020 (lumenesense)

Techno remix for a track from ‘Dead Man’s Homecoming’, a lumenesense project.

Falter EP

2/2020 (self-released)

Abstract Future Garage styled EP. 4 tracks including a re-imagination of ‘Message’ featuring Magicka.

Black Paper – Our Place In The Stars (Nihil Remix)

11/2019 (self-released)

Abstract and rhythmical remix of ‘Our Place In The Stars’ by German artist Black Paper.

Heart Trip EP

11/2019 (self-released)

‘Heart Trip’ – my first RnB/Trap/HipHop styled EP.

Edwin Hosoomel – Lighthouse (Nihil Remix)

12/2018 (self-released)

Epic Trap remix of ‘Lighthouse’ by Hamburg based artist Edwin Hosoomel.

Josh Marko – This Is Better (Nihil Remix)

10/2018 (NALM)

Approach to mix Trap and House vibes in a remix for ‘This Is Better’ by Josh Marko.

Salvation EP

8/2018 (Sisyphean)

Future Garage/Trap hybrid EP. Including ‘Sorrow’ my most personal song to date.

Arda Leen – Life Behind Crystals (feat. Nihil)

5/2018 (The Games We Play)

Collaboration with Arda Leen on his album ‘Northwest’.

Any You Can’t

2/2018 (Sisyphean)

First full length album blending Trap, Future Garage and Ambient elements.