‘To Lose Ground’ – an EP spotlight and why Black Paper massively goes under the radar

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Hello and welcome once more to the NIHIL MUSIC blog! Today I want to present to you another musical masterpiece and talk a bit about it’s artist, Black Paper. Get ready for ‘To Lose Ground’ – an EP spotlight and why Black Paper massively goes under the radar.

To lose ground is an amazing EP consisting of 4 great tracks. When I listened to it I immediately knew that I had to show it to you. It was also the last impulse I needed to finally recognize that Black Paper is an extraordinary artist.

I’ll tell you later why Black Paper massively goes under the radar, but before we get to the artist let’s check out the music!

Black Paper - To Lose Ground Cover
Black Paper – To Lose Ground Cover

To Lose Ground EP

As I said there are four tracks in the EP. The name of the first track is also the name of the EP: ‘To Lose Ground’.

It sets a pace and a very eery mood for the EP with a straight forward main synth, dance music-like sound effects and occasional vocal sample use. Black Paper is notorious for long tracks with some tracks from past EP’s being more than 10 minutes long so it’s to no surprise that this track exceeds the 7 minute mark to start off the EP.

The second track ‘Runaway’ brilliantly follows in passion of the first track. There’s the dry, pulsing drum-work we know and love and again a pretty clear and, in relation to other Future Garage styled songs, dry sounding lead synth.  This is a really nice change-up as we’re used to get lush, and super huge reverb ambiences with modern Future Garage. It’s nice to experience a different sound from time to time.

Astonishing sound and composition in the second half of ‘To Lose Ground’

‘Lock Out’, the third track gives us another cool twist. Realistic, old-school strings hit us with raw emotion. A raw piano and some more slightly detuned chords easily make ‘Lock Out’ my favourite track of the EP.

Track number 4, ‘Elevator’, concludes the EP. The intro is epic, there is some sample-work and again, graceful strings that entrance you even more. I must say one thing though: The outro is too beautiful to be that short. It’s so breathtaking, I replayed it like 15 times and still couldn’t get enough of it.

Again, amazing EP, ‘To Lose Ground’ is another monumental release by Black Paper even though the music itself actually is a couple of years old already. This just shows how timeless Black Paper’s music really is!

So Black Paper massively goes under the radar – but why?

I’ve been watching the Future Garage scene for some years now. Not most intensely but I heard lots of releases and so many different artists, from super small to those really leading the scene.

I love future garage but it’s hard to stand out among the masses. To be what the majority of listeners want I feel like your music kinda has to follow some very specific patterns. Because of that there are few artists who manage to make a name for themselves with a unique, but admired style. One of those few is fellow German artist ‘Black Paper’.

It’s so recognizable every time a new EP comes out and there have been Black Paper tracks on many ‘various artists’ compilations in the past few years. The unsettling atmospheres, distinct percussion-work, incredibly detailed compositions, diverting arrangements, all that makes Black Paper more than just a class act on the scene. The songs aren’t only great Future Garage beats but every track is created to be it’s own journey. Technically but most importantly emotionally.

The artist appreciates time which is one of the greatest perks in modern music production. Music tends to be shorter and shorter nowadays but not so with Black Paper. Almost no track is shorter than 4 minutes and on many occasions songs even reach a length of 8 to 11 minutes. Still it’s a pleasure to sit through these emotional journeys whereas with other music by other artists who produce industry standard length songs it sometimes gets pretty difficult for me to listen through a whole track. It’s because many tracks lack storytelling ability. I’m not saying that this is a must – it certainly isn’t but it’s something that makes a Black Paper song the masterpiece it tends to be.

Thanks for tuning in!

Make sure to listen to other projects of this amazing artist and support him wherever you can.
Feel free to check out other episodes of my blog, such as the last music spotlight of Carson – Point Of View. Until next time!

Black Paper

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  1. Rubi
    | Reply

    I love this music. Thank you for sharing. I’ve shared it on my SoundCloud and my Twitter too.
    Happy to support artists.

    • Lars Grages
      | Reply

      Yes, sharing is the easiest thing we can do to support each other and it’s free!! 🙂

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