Hey there.

I’m Lars. Some of you might know me as ‘Nihil’, because that’s my musician alias most of the time.

I consider myself:

  • Artist
  • Beatmaker
  • Music Producer
  • Foley Artist
  • Lyricist (from time to time)

About Me

Raised in the sweet little town of Kappeln, currently situated in Norderstedt, Germany. I’ve been making music of all kinds for several years as well as sound effects for the video game project ‘Pentaquin’ by Terovania. Besides music I regularly do sports such as running and table tennis and I like to write stuff from time to time. Being with friends is of course another important part of my life. Shared time is something musicians sometimes miss out on but I think it massively helps you find a healthy balance in life.

My origins

Probably about 2014 I was pulled away from listening to unhealthy amounts of Mainstage EDM and thrown into the then pretty much newborn Soundcloud Experimental Trap culture. It brought such a unique style to the table that it really shaped my perception of music and that it will probably stay an inspiration for the rest of my life.

Eventually music by artists like Dabow, Mr. Carmack, whereisalex just to name a few, drove me into wanting to make stuff myself.

Let’s forget my first attempts though. Apart from playing I knew nothing about music and the only skill I’d say I had was that I understood the concept of rhythm. At some point I stopped using Music Maker as a DAW and started using Reaper. And even if it’s a bit unusual I still hold on to it.

Nowadays I still have many different sources of inspiration from various styles of music. My taste and style is changing ever so slightly, making me learn new things about music and it’s creation almost every day.

What I provide

Now that I have several years of experience with a steady learning curve I’m confident that I can also help other people with their requests which is why I started offering a number of services such as custom beats and Foley SFX. Click here for more information about my services.

Musical Works

As of now I’ve created over 60 songs of various styles. 2 albums, 3 EPs, a good handful of remixes as well as numerous soundtracks and SFX for the video game project ‘Pentaquin‘ where I’m part of the developer team.

Here are just some examples of my work. (Click here for a full discography and here for a list of available services)

My Gear

There is not much gear I use frequently, because most things are made using some software, but for those who might be interested, here is a list:

  • Lenovo Legion 15” running Windows 10
  • Cockos Reaper
  • Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3
  • Steinberg UR 22
  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
  • t.bone SC-440
  • AKAI MPK Mini MK2*
  • Novation Mininova*
  • Reloop DJ CD-Player
  • Teenage Engineering P.O. 33 Knockout
  • Idiopan Lunabell 8”
  • Moog Theremini*
  • Roland TD-1K*
  • some other acoustic drum kit
  • Kazoo
  • plenty of software

If you wanna contact me there’s plenty of options. I’m most active on Instagram but everything else is also just fine.

Business inquiries via: nihilmusic1@gmail.com or the contact form down below



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