Recent underground releases you shouldn’t miss out on

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Hello and welcome on the blog! Today I want to do a different kind of spotlight. I feel like there are incredible underground releases coming out recently and the community is at an all time high. Because of that I wanna use this opportunity and present 10 recent underground releases you shouldn’t miss out on. Get ready for different genres, artists and vibes!

Magicka – ‘Addicted’: underground Dubstep at its best

I wanna get started with an artist I’ve worked with a lot since the start of the Heart Trip series. But I feel like many don’t know that Magicka can not only sing but also produces her own songs! And just a couple of days ago she released a beautiful modern Dubstep track called ‘Addicted’. She took inspiration right from her own life and turned her recent emotions into an incredibly beautiful song. Listen for yourself:

Logan Reys magnificent Future Garage remix of ‘Scorpion’ by NDMZ

The community surely knows Hydra Music Records for their great EDM releases. But Logan Rey who is a very talented producer overall recently shook me with an unexpected Future Garage styled remix of ‘Scorpion‘ by NDMZ. It sounds like the perfect mixture of EDM and Future Garage elements.

GR I FF with a masterpiece: ‘Divided / Animosity’

When I talk about recent underground releases this one is a little exception cause it is a couple months old already but I wanted to include it anyway. GR I FF is probably the biggest undiscovered talent out there when it comes to bass music and experimental stuff. You can hear his remix of my track ‘Daylight‘ with Magicka on the Heart Trip Vol.2 remix album. But before he worked on that he quietly uploaded this incredible track I still can’t get over. It’s that modern organic blend of bass music and that Trapsoul vibe that has been taking over SoundCloud lately.

Rap like the greats: Alan Ward – Lemme See

When listening to Alan Ward you wouldn’t think he’s been releasing music for only a year. Inspired by names like Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt and similar artists he’s been dropping a lot of gems lately. ‘Dolo’ is the title of the most recent album and I think every track on there is a top production and Alan Wards rapping is rock-solid. Take ‘Lemme See’ for example. It comes with a catchy hook and a couple of nice little details that really add even more quality to the song. Make sure to have a listen and follow his Spotify!

Representing a collective on the rise: Anastasia Moore – ‘Afraid’

If I had to name one collective that has been coming up with banger release after banger release lately, it’s definitely Left Of Us Collective. This time they’re represented by Anastasia Moore with a track called ‘Afraid’. It’s a gritty Dubstep song with very cool vocal parts in between the drops. In the actual drops you can hear quirky and gnarly synths paired with vocal samples that really give this track a personality. I think ‘Afraid’ is a perfect representation of what heat LOU is bringing lately. And 2021 has just begun!

NILS – ‘Antik’ the dopest local rap I’ve heard

I think now is the time to show you some local music you probably don’t understand if you don’t speak German. But let me tell you it’s still so worth listening to. NILS is a newcomer who just celebrated his first release called ‘Antik’ and DAMN I was amazed when I heard this. The flow is crazy good. You can hear that he has been into rap music for years and I’m sure there’s more sick stuff to come.

The best underground Future Garage: Arda Leen – ‘Far From Here’

I’ve been listening to Arda Leen for years and we actually worked together on a couple of occasions. He remixed my song ‘Sorrow‘, I remixed ‘Peace Is Relative‘ off the Northwest LP that also includes a collaboration of us called ‘Life Behind Crystals’. This time he is back with another solo song and I think it’s a shame that he doesn’t get more attention for his amazing music. ‘Far From Here’ is a superb composition with a long and epic intro, a main part that is beyond beautiful and and second part that takes the song to another thoughtful level.

Making EDM worth listening to again: Pariz – ‘Only You’

I honestly think that EDM has been on a decline for the past few years actually. But there are still underground artists who supply us with great Dance music. An example for those recent underground releases is ‘Only You’ by Pariz. He’s a top quality producer from the US that has been pushing sick music for years. His most recent track is an emotional journey about not wanting to be alone and wanting a special person to be by your side.

Recent underground releases – hard hitting and soft at the same time: Copycatt – ‘FRIDAY’

Yeah you read that right. Copycatt is one of those artists with a very unique style. ‘FRIDAY’ from his recent Trash EP really amazed me as it’s hard hitting and soft at the same time. The chord transmit a very funky and positive vibe but the drums get you moving fast!

Ornata – ‘Hanger’

Another community I’ve been watching with great interest is the one Ornata is a part of. It’s all music anywhere in between Riddim, Dubstep and halftime Bass music. With his recent track called ‘Hanger’ he has really set the bar up high. Crisp sound and a versatile arrangement! Many people claim that this kind of music is very monotone but that’s definitely not the case with this track. So to round this off, have a listen to this banger.

That’s right, you already listened to 10 recent underground releases I especially enjoyed. If you think there is more music I should cover in the future make sure to contact me or leave a comment right here under this blog episode. Feel free to check out more of the blog and follow my socials. Until then.

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